Unofficial page of the OpenXM project.

The OpenXM is a unified system providing some computer algebra systems (Risa/Asir, Kan/sm1, etc).
The official page is here.

How to get the source codes of the OpenXM system.

The source codes can be downloaded from the GitHub as
git clone OpenXM
git clone OpenXM_contrib2
or from the daily snapshot. (about 20MB)

Guide: How to install the OpenXM system on Unixen.

After getting the tar ball, you should input the following on the terminal.
The system will be installed into your home directory without super user.
The OpenXM depends on X11, gcc, etc. See the debian control file for detail.
$ tar zxf openxm-head.tar.gz
$ (cd OpenXM/src; make; make install)
For example, Risa/Asir is invoked as
$ ~/OpenXM/bin/openxm asir
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